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PCI 067: Wonder Woman…come back when you got a monkey

Kevin attempted to record a podcast alone which led to some self realizations. Erica’s monkey expectations. Kevin reviews Noragami and Erica gives her thoughts on Time of Eve. We finish it off the amazing Wonder Woman.

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PCI 051: Gene Wilder and Monkeys


A tribute to Gene Wilder takes up most of the show. Erica gives an anime update Gintama. Erica gives her review of the first 5 issues of Wonder Woman. Kevin receives a comic and original art from a Kickstarter book called Sh*t Flingers by Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartman. Follow us on twitter @PopCultIdiots.

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PCI 049: AARP Yoga Hosers


This episode we try to figure out what this secret AARP club is all about. Then onto some anime with Gintama and Rinne. Erica and Kevin open a box at their local comic shop, Cosmic Monkey, and talk about their new books Wonder Woman and Monstress. Finally we give our thoughts on Kevin Smith’s newest movie, Yoga Hosers. Thanks for listening!

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PCI 031: Yoshi Ikuzo!


Let’s get right into it. Mobile Suit Gundam, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Transmetropolitan and more. Take a listen and see what we think. Then disagree.

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