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PCI 044: Ghostbuster Goose


We are back with a review of the new Ghostbusters. First it’s some Pokemon Go, Erica’s anime segment, gender temperatures, camping and Kevin gets hissed at by a goose.

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PCI 043: Jurassic Mouth Hug


In this episode it starts with Jurassic Park and mouth hugs (just listen). Erica has a large anime segment with Free Iwatobi Swim Club, Yowamushi Pedal, and more Durarara. Full of fan service.

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PCI 042: Heavy Metal Snack Tray

metal cake

Kevin eats party snack trays for dinner. A store is worthless without potato salad. Erica watches Heavy Metal the movie for the first time. Erica talks about “Flying Witch” ¬†and “Durarara” in her anime segment. With finish it off getting emotional about Orlando.

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