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PCI 037: Captain America: Civil War


Sorry for the late episode. We just got back from seeing the premiere of Captain America: Civil War. The review is not until the end. First we pay tribute to Peter Thomas of Forensic Files. Then some 80s movie stalker talk and Erica’s anime segment where she reviews the items from her Loot Anime.

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PCI 016: His Name is Doogie Howser



Erica shines brighter than ever with a negative star review of Gone Girl, articles in The Economist, and Orphan Black. Kevin comes up with an insulting name for the female version of going “commando”, tells terrifying stories of the robot uprising starting with your vacuum, bar music manipulation, toilet whistling (or whispering), Captain America and Star Lord Super Bowl bets and more. Our faces were hurting from laughing.

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PCI 007: Carl Drogo

Welcome! Because of San Diego Comic-Con,┬áthere is a lot of nerd talk. Today we discussed East 76, Kevin’s bike ride, cemetary goth kids, the time Kevin got held up for being a goth kid, creepy headstones, Game of Thrones, Cub Cleaners, Batman vs. Superman teaser, Frank Miller TDKR, fetish cleaners, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Khal Drogo (or his cousin Carl Drogo), ATHF, the cat finally uses the box, female Thor, Captain America and a new project coming soon.

Carl Drogo

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