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PCI 040: HitchBOT is Skynet

Librarian 2.0

Erica gets passionate about libraries, robots are destroyed, The Flash messes with everyone’s timeline, and more Mobile Suit.

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PCI 32: Mobile Suit Trump


(Photo: Kawaii Trump)

Part 1 of a 2 podcast week! What?!?! This starts with some politics with our disappoint in America’s presidential race. Also, more drunk Aquaman. Then onto Serial season 2 with Bowe Bergdahl. Holy crap it’s good. Then the rest of the show is anime with an update on Mobile Suit Gundam and Assassination Classroom. If you aren’t into all that. Next episode will be full of Daredevil and comics.



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PCI 028: AKA Undisclosed Star Wars

This episode is jam packed. Starts out a little slow with dismissed Jesus, but then we get into the segments. We talk about Erica’s favorite new podcast Undisclosed which delves deeper into Serial. Then onto an anime called “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, a gushing review of AKA Jessica Jones, and tons of Star Wars SPOILERS! (Maybe. It’s all speculation).

Ending song: Steve Poltz – Star Wars Song



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PCI 023: Unnecessary Sadness



Erica gives Kevin a great idea for Smiths parody band called “Unnecessary Sadness” and Kevin asks Erica to make up super hero powers based on name alone. Also a review of anime show Sword Art Online.


Ending sing by Thundering Asteroids. http://thunderingasteroids.com

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