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PCI 057: Spider-Man’s Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Erica hates Reel Big Fish, Spider-Man trailer, Black Mirror is too real, and Erica’s anime likes and dislikes along with a Dragon Ball video.

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PCI 051: Gene Wilder and Monkeys


A tribute to Gene Wilder takes up most of the show. Erica gives an anime update Gintama. Erica gives her review of the first 5 issues of Wonder Woman. Kevin receives a comic and original art from a Kickstarter book called Sh*t Flingers by Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartman. Follow us on twitter @PopCultIdiots.

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PCI 049: AARP Yoga Hosers


This episode we try to figure out what this secret AARP club is all about. Then onto some anime with Gintama and Rinne. Erica and Kevin open a box at their local comic shop, Cosmic Monkey, and talk about their new books Wonder Woman and Monstress. Finally we give our thoughts on Kevin Smith’s newest movie, Yoga Hosers. Thanks for listening!

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PCI 048: Too Sexy For Stranger Things


It’s a weird opening with talk of European pop music then onto Stranger Things. Erica has more anime to talk about with Mushi Shi amd How to Keep A Mummy. We finish things off with with Kevin gushing over Supergirl.

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PCI 047: Grumpy Poetry Slam


Erica reads the most disturbing poem Kevin has ever heard. Kevin reflects on being grumpy old man at 31 and hates cashiers. Then we both are apart of the anime segment this week with Berserk, Serial Experiments Lain and Cowboy Bebop.

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PCI 045: Do Androids Dream of Electric Hugh Grants?


Might be one of my favorite episodes. We explore Erica’s hatred of Hugh Grant and Kevin’s horrible gag reflex. Erica’s anime segment on Gate (anime) and Arppegio of Blue Steel (Manga). An update on Descender Volume 2: Machine Moon by Jeff Lemire (Author), Dustin Nguyen (Artist). And finally, our reaction to Star Trek: Beyond. Thanks for listening!

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PCI 044: Ghostbuster Goose


We are back with a review of the new Ghostbusters. First it’s some Pokemon Go, Erica’s anime segment, gender temperatures, camping and Kevin gets hissed at by a goose.

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PCI 043: Jurassic Mouth Hug


In this episode it starts with Jurassic Park and mouth hugs (just listen). Erica has a large anime segment with Free Iwatobi Swim Club, Yowamushi Pedal, and more Durarara. Full of fan service.

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PCI 042: Heavy Metal Snack Tray

metal cake

Kevin eats party snack trays for dinner. A store is worthless without potato salad. Erica watches Heavy Metal the movie for the first time. Erica talks about “Flying Witch”  and “Durarara” in her anime segment. With finish it off getting emotional about Orlando.

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PCI 040: HitchBOT is Skynet

Librarian 2.0

Erica gets passionate about libraries, robots are destroyed, The Flash messes with everyone’s timeline, and more Mobile Suit.

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