PCI 065: Don’t Zion Curtain My MST3K

Kevin gives a lesson on the Zion curtains of Utah. We get giddy over Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, but we fall in love with MST3K: The Return.

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PCI 064: The Handmaid’s of the Galaxy

Kevin wants to be a cyborg (again). The Handmaid’s Tale is a show we love to hate and hate to love. Finally, we get our Groot on with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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PCI 063: My So Called Iron Fist

We start out romanticizing space after Kevin sets up his telescope for the first time. Erica talks about inter-library loans and a book about the 90s cult hit “My So Called Life”. We recommend books to read to each other and finish it up with our thoughts on Marvel’s Iron Fist.

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PCI 062: Lego Batman Does Logan’s Manbun

We start with more grumpy old man Kevin griping about flip-flops in the rain. Then a first time podcast recommendation segment. Erica has more reading suggestions with Pretty Deadly by KELLY SUE DECONNICK and EMMA RÍOS, as well as, Black Elk Speaks by JOHN NEIHARDT. We get happy with Lego Batman and sad with Logan.

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PCI 061: Titan Haircut Love

Kevin finds romance in an unexpected place and comes out looking better than when he went in. Erica is procrastinating on a big project so we watched a lot of Netflix. Lots of men intimidating each other on display in Frontier and the live action Attack on Titan movie. But there is hope for Erica in the form of Habitica, an app that D&Dizes you life.

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PCI 060: A Series of Unfortunate Goblins

Episode 60 wherein Kevin explores Dragon Knights and dragon days. We be remembering our smashing one time adventure as goblins with DM Kevin. Erica gets a new subscription box, Call Number, that is squad goals +1. And Kevin falls hard for A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix with a looooong review.

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PCI 059: Mr. Robot and The Snow Babies

In an all new Pop Culture Idiots we discuss shoe etiquette at work, dropping babies in the snow, Kevin is a druncle, Mr. Robot, and we countdown 3 influential albums in our life.

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PCI 058: Zombie Magicians

The TV show The Magicians is reviewed. Kevin watches Dead Snow and loves it. Erica gives a loving review of You Can’t Touch My Hair by Phoebe Robinson. http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/530131/you-cant-touch-my-hair-by-phoebe-robinson/9780143129202/

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PCI 057: Spider-Man’s Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Erica hates Reel Big Fish, Spider-Man trailer, Black Mirror is too real, and Erica’s anime likes and dislikes along with a Dragon Ball video.

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PCI Movies: Rogue One


Our first supplemental show all about Rogue One.

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