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PCI 32: Mobile Suit Trump


(Photo: Kawaii Trump)

Part 1 of a 2 podcast week! What?!?! This starts with someĀ politics with our disappoint in America’s presidential race. Also, more drunk Aquaman. Then onto Serial season 2 with Bowe Bergdahl. Holy crap it’s good. Then the rest of the show is anime with an update on Mobile Suit Gundam and Assassination Classroom. If you aren’t into all that. Next episode will be full of Daredevil and comics.



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PCI 010: Kevin Goes to the Hospital

A very personal episode where Kevin talks about being taken the hospital by ambulance and everything that has happened since. Erica then talks about taking a friend on a tour of Portland.



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PCI 001: Acid Override

First Show! Picard with Data remote, Sopranos, old people on Facebook, embarrassing pump-up music, first screen names, and Wes Craven vs. Wes Anderson. Sorry for some of the sound issues. We’re trying to get it together.

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