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PCI 049: AARP Yoga Hosers


This episode we try to figure out what this secret AARP club is all about. Then onto some anime with Gintama and Rinne. Erica and Kevin open a box at their local comic shop, Cosmic Monkey, and talk about their new books Wonder Woman and Monstress. Finally we give our thoughts on Kevin Smith’s newest movie, Yoga Hosers. Thanks for listening!

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PCI 048: Too Sexy For Stranger Things


It’s a weird opening with talk of European pop music then onto Stranger Things. Erica has more anime to talk about with Mushi Shi amd How to Keep A Mummy. We finish things off with with Kevin gushing over Supergirl.

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PCI 042: Heavy Metal Snack Tray

metal cake

Kevin eats party snack trays for dinner. A store is worthless without potato salad. Erica watches Heavy Metal the movie for the first time. Erica talks about “Flying Witch”  and “Durarara” in her anime segment. With finish it off getting emotional about Orlando.

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PCI 036: Game of Cloverfield


Welcome! This week we discuss the creepy burger guy, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Game of Thrones season 6 premiere and of course….Prince.

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PCI 030: A Die Hard Ace of Spades Space Oddity


We mourn the dead, but celebrate the lives of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Lemmy Kilmister. Also Movie Madness, Gundam anime, Fantastic Four (1994), and  Legend (Tom Cruise and Tim Curry).

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PCI 029: Anime Star Wars Klingon Khristmas


It’s a Christmas miracle. A new show. We talk about favorite Christmas music and movies. We have a review of The Force Awakens (skip 00:48:02-01:11:07 if you don’t want to hear). Erica has another anime and manga segment talking about Fist of the North Star and Mobile Suit Gundam. Then we finish it out with a reading of A Very Klingon Khristmas. (Listen to . They do it way better)

Ending song by Kielen King (Star Pilot) – Gebrattica. Free download at:

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PCI 022: 2 Tone Ska and D&D



We discuss an awesome Youtube documentary called Under the Influence: 2 Tone Ska (see embed below). We go down the hole of being a nerdy sensitive kids and finding punk/ska as an outlet for being picked on. Then we give our impression of our first experience with Pathfinder (Dungeons & Dragons).




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PCI 007: Carl Drogo

Welcome! Because of San Diego Comic-Con, there is a lot of nerd talk. Today we discussed East 76, Kevin’s bike ride, cemetary goth kids, the time Kevin got held up for being a goth kid, creepy headstones, Game of Thrones, Cub Cleaners, Batman vs. Superman teaser, Frank Miller TDKR, fetish cleaners, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Khal Drogo (or his cousin Carl Drogo), ATHF, the cat finally uses the box, female Thor, Captain America and a new project coming soon.

Carl Drogo

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PCI 005: Satanic Transformers

Guest host Ben Lacy is back! Erica is gone this this epidsode. This week we talk about Transformers (we come up with a better version). I prepared some news: Seth Franco (they are one being) upset Kim-Jong Un, USB flame thrower (cuz you know…it was needed), Japan advertising on the moon, neanderthal poo, Office Space responsible for lack of TGIF flare, Duck Dynasty, Padres Tony Gwynn dies, Star Wars, and is Shia LeBeouf putting on an act?

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PCI 004: Amish Hipsters

Special Guest Ben! This episode is not super pop culture heavy, but we have our very funny long-time friend Ben joining us. Topics this week include: 20th Anniversary OJ Simpson trial, local news, Seinfeld, McDonalds coffee lawsuit, bathroom etiquette, Amish hipsters, Creepy iPhone camera case, Google Glass privacy issues, RoboCop statue, Grumpy Cat movie, Sharknado 2, Bling Bling origins, freeway call boxes, Nevada is death, crazy people love Kevin, Erica learns about vacuum cord clips, throwing away furniture rather than moving it, tiny houses, and Ice-T vs. Ice Cube vs. Vanilla Ice.


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