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PCI 039: McMinnville UFO Festival


We’re back with tales aliens and the supernatural from McMenamin’s 17th Annual UFO Festival, but first we must talk Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle porn, TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows, gynecological exams, and Erica’s dramatic conclusion to Mobile Suit Gundam.

Ending song: The Aquabats – Martian Girl

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PCI 038: Comic Therapy


This week is from an unaired episode recorded back in Sept/Oct. I explain in the intro. We talk about being in therapy and dealing with anxiety and depression. Then it’s about our adventures at Rose City Comic-Con.

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PCI 037: Captain America: Civil War


Sorry for the late episode. We just got back from seeing the premiere of Captain America: Civil War. The review is not until the end. First we pay tribute to Peter Thomas of Forensic Files. Then some 80s movie stalker talk and Erica’s anime segment where she reviews the items from her Loot Anime.

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