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PCI 009: Rufio! Rufio! Remembering Robin Williams

In this episode things get a little serious as we talked about depression and our favorite Robin Williams movies. The daughter from Hook and the son from Birdcage are jerks. Good Morning Vietnam is great, but a little racist. We Guardians of the Galaxy review after a second viewing. One of the best Marvel movies even with a throw-away plot. ICE-T records Dungeons & Dragons audio books. Vin Diesel makes people cry again in an animated role. The Japanese have a weird bagel-head fashion implant now. We are the old people that judge the new body modifications. An Oregon man wins the Scrabble tournament and we discuss the Scrabble documentary, Word Wars. To finish things out Erica tells us about bad workplace exercises.  Thanks for listening. Tell a friend!

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PCI 008: King O Frod (King of the Road) | The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Crossover episode with our other podcast, “Welcome Back, Artie.” In this adventure the Wrigleys go on a road trip to the Hoover Dam, but the on the way they battle the “perfect” family. Big Pete falls in love. Little Pete tests his PSI. Dad’s title for King of the Road is challenged and Mom gets so frustrated she can’t fold the map. Kevin and Erica break it down.

Starring Mike Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Hardy Rawls, and Judy Grafe

Written by Will McRobb

Directed by Paul Lauer


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