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PCI 007: Carl Drogo

Welcome! Because of San Diego Comic-Con,┬áthere is a lot of nerd talk. Today we discussed East 76, Kevin’s bike ride, cemetary goth kids, the time Kevin got held up for being a goth kid, creepy headstones, Game of Thrones, Cub Cleaners, Batman vs. Superman teaser, Frank Miller TDKR, fetish cleaners, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Khal Drogo (or his cousin Carl Drogo), ATHF, the cat finally uses the box, female Thor, Captain America and a new project coming soon.

Carl Drogo

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PCI 006: Viva Las Vegas

Erica is back from Las Vegas! In this long episode: Growing up in San Diego, Kevin tries to be a fake squatter, camping, another attempt at news, Insane Clown Posse lawsuit, Gary Oldman is a d***che, Harry Potter, mistress house elves, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, our trip to Bulgaria and a supplemental review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes after the show. RIP David Legeno and Tommy Ramone.

Vegas Elvis

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PCI 005: Satanic Transformers

Guest host Ben Lacy is back! Erica is gone this this epidsode. This week we talk about Transformers (we come up with a better version). I prepared some news: Seth Franco (they are one being) upset Kim-Jong Un, USB flame thrower (cuz you know…it was needed), Japan advertising on the moon, neanderthal poo, Office Space responsible for lack of TGIF flare, Duck Dynasty, Padres Tony Gwynn dies, Star Wars, and is Shia LeBeouf putting on an act?

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